Monday, 7 November 2016

ADHM Controversy: Was it worth a hype?

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With so much hype given to banning the Pakistani artists in the past few days, media has certainly shown a better way to the world to publicize a new thing coming in the market, be it a movie or a new product. If you want to be popular, create controversy. Well amidst all the agitations and controversies, Aie Dil Hai Mushkil has finally released and I being one of the biggest fans of Ranbir and Anushka went to see the first day, first show. Let me start with the reviews about the movie. After a long time, I saw a movie which made me both cry and smile at the same time and eventually I ended up crying endlessly. Yes, this movie had the potential to make someone experience all the emotions, fun, madness, passion, love, heartbreak and much more in just 3 hours. Like ZNMD, YJHD, DDLJ, and many more movies this movie has made into my list of watching it over again and again. I was able to feel each and every part of emotion in the movie and all the dialogues and moments could be related to anyone’s real life experiences (Mine atleast :p). To a surprise, Shahrukh Khan nailed it with his brilliant dialogue delivery in just one scene and won my heart. Well, my words will definitely fall short while describing this movie but hats off to all the actors who did a fantastic job and justified their roles marvelously. Anushka proved it again that she is the youth icon. The songs were ofcourse icing on the cake.
Now coming towards the heartthrob Fawad Khan, who played his role brilliantly in the movie, after watching the movie I can just say that just in order to ban one actor to show his part of talent in India, which was not even of more than 10 good minutes, we forgot that three brilliant Indian actors gave one of the dazzling performances of their lives. We just forgot that the Indian director and producer who gave us some of the best movies in the film industry did yet another spectacular work and has again given a movie to be remembered in the coming years. We just forgot to realize that a huge amount of Indian rupees was spent while making the movie and we just did not bother to think for a while that this awe-inspiring movie is going to give back a remarkable monetary profit to the industry. Today, I realized that we have become so judgemental that we have stopped analyzing all the goods behind a particular situation. I am still not sure about the controversy and the level of hype given to this movie on Fawad Khan’s role before releasing but being a layman, I am totally upset with the supporters of those who wanted to ban a fantastic artistic work just because of one actor and by ignoring the hardwork and dedication everyone else showed in the movie. I am saddened to witness that in our country banning is patriotism and promoting our own people is not even counted as one.
If we look at the history of India and Pakistan’s enmity, Pakistan had always been that dishonorable son who has always eyed on father’s property and that’s why always wanted to destroy the father. A father is afterall a father and his paternal love always stops him to boycott the son and that’s how son’s courage to be more disrespectful rather destroy-able augments day by day. Yes, we could have boycotted Pakistan much earlier but we did not. Now taking a step towards banning Pakistan, I cannot relate to the fact that how could banning Pakistani artists stop terrorism and the enemy country’s attacks on the soldiers? I belong to an army background and hence am very close to the pain which each and every family feels while their family member is on the border. I still remember the 1999 Kargil War when my father also had to go to the war. The moment of letting him go for a “War” is still inexplicable. We bid him goodbye while crying and with just a Hope of seeing him again. Yes, that’s true. We as the family members of the soldiers are always taught to see-off our beloveds even after knowing that the goodbye could be the last goodbye. I still get goose -bumps when I remember the moment. I can still feel it. I can feel the pain of the families of the entire country who let their beloveds go to the border for a “War”. Even after knowing the damages which we might face, we still let our loved ones fight for the safety of the entire nation and feel proud of them. This is to all those who posted on social media, raised their voices against artists and ignited the anger among all the Indians, if you really had the sympathy for the soldiers who died in Uri attack, you must start it from sympathising for those who lost their lives during partition and the three wars which have been fought till date post partition. Why didn’t we boycott everything from the enemy nation from the start when we knew that they are not neighbors but rivals?  I am not sure if I am going to get the answer but if we really had to boycott the enemy country then why to just start from something which is beyond boundaries and religions. Something, which is loved by everybody  irrespective of the nations, boundaries, and religions. Ofcourse I am firm on this that if anybody will say anything against our country, then that won’t be tolerated but how can disallowing someone to work stop terrorism. Has this ever stopped? Infact what all talent has to do with a political and national issue when it did not choose any religion or region but an individual? Moreover, the irony is the place where the policymakers are supposed to sit and give a sigh of relief to the entire nation, the media runs with the people who are so busy with their schedules that they even don’t get time to check the news. How can you expect from a fish to run? And then rather than telling the world about the people who have actually suffered from losses, the focus shifts on the statements of popular personalities. Now, is the fourth pillar of the strength of nation has actually lost all its senses to not understand the seriousness and do this all just for the sake of TRP?
Latest news, XYZ’s (a popular celebrity) insensible statement on soldiers
Ok, now the sensibility or insensibility of a celebrity is going to decide the future of the country and the policies will be framed accordingly. If we are really so concerned about the views of celebrities and so serious about their views then why don’t we make them policymakers? Furthermore did this sensibility or insensibility helped in solving this critical problem of terrorism or any other problem till date?
In the last few days, I read a lot about Fawad Khan’s statement which he made after going to Pakistan about his country and indirectly against our country. Well before sharing that post on social media and showing our angst against the artist, how many of us actually went deep into the matter and made efforts to know the truth. If not then, then I request you all to do that right now. Today someone said that my education makes me practical and not emotional. If emotions come out of the following anything blindly, be it's traditions or the rumors, I am proud to say that I am practical and prudent enough to not follow the rules blindly. Not derailing much from the topic of discussion, the reason behind discussing this incidence was that since all of us are now educated and practical enough to understand the social media drama which can be seen every other day, we must be sensible enough to share or not share something which can influence the mindset of a public at large. Besides this, if you are not sure about the news and have not done enough research on the topic, then please either do it or else leave the topic at that particular stage. A lesson which I have learned and want to make a humble request, please do not mislead and do not follow blindly because creates a rabble hard to settle.
Disclaimer: This article does not mean any harm to the sentiments and beliefs of anyone in any manner.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Choose the right partner
Yesterday while I had a great meeting with all other core members of Linking Tribes, we ended up with a great idea which certainly is going to take a lot from all of us. Indeed this is something like working on your dreams and putting your whole life because you are dead sure that you are going to succeed. While I was doing some initial research work and taking some great examples to work on, I stopped at one of the great legends in the corporate history and a role model for women in the corporate world. I am talking about Indira Nooyi, the president and CEO of PepsiCo. Who doesn’t know about that great lady of Indian origin who changed the mindset of corporate world by proving her worth especially in a country like US where the country has approximately 15-18% women on board which is a big question mark on gender equality in board room. While reading her biography what intrigued me was how she chose her life partner and the impact of the same in her professional life. She is married to a management consultant and is quiet happy and motivated in her life since then. While reading her interview, she gave all the credits to her husband saying that her husband had been her greatest strength. Well there was nothing surprising in the same but  words which were hidden inside was a big lesson which each and every ambitious woman should keep in her mind while choosing her life partner. While choosing one, choose the right one. Having said that, life is definitely not as smooth and as clear and we think it should be and ofcourse at times plans do not work the way we wanted them to work. Indeed we fail and not just once but hell lot of times. Choosing a partner is one of those life changing decisions which can make the rest of your life. While watching Conjuring-2 which failed to scare me ofcoure, the best part was Ed’s story which says that if you get the one who trusts you, marry him/her.
Trust is one of the biggest factors affecting any relationship. If you do not trust your partner’s ability you will definitely not support your partner. So before ending up on a decision for staying with someone for the whole life make sure that that someone trusts you from the core of his heart and there remains no space for any sort of doubts and vice-a-vis. Feeling proud of your partner is another important aspect which matters. If you do not feel proud of what your partner does then you will never be able to support and moreover respect your partner and his work. You need to understand that people can be better than you or worse than you but they can never be the same like you and hence you need to accept your partner with all his flaws. There is a saying that if you cannot take someone at their worst then you do not have the right to take them at their best.  This starts from your partner. Accepting the worst is the first step towards enjoying someone’s best. In order to choose the right one you need to be comfortable with someone’s bests and worsts and the moment you start enjoying both in someone, you have found the one.
I have learnt this from my own very less but valuable experience that whenever we are happy, we miss the person whom we love the most and whenever we are sad, we miss the person who loves us the most and unfortunately it’s hard to miss the same person in both the conditions but if you have found the person whom you miss in both the situations then congratulations you have found the one. Ofcourse views can differ from situation to situation and relation to relation but finding the one who can be there to share you happiness and sorrows is certainly difficult but worth waiting for.
Never compromise with the qualities you want to have in your partner. Ofcourse you need to be reasonable enough to choose those qualities but if you think in order find one quality you need to compromise with another reasonable quality of your partner then please quit at that particular moment. As I said earlier that life is never as smooth as we wish to have the same to be but it would definitely become tougher in case you fail to satisfy yourself with what you have chosen for yourself. So choose wisely and chose without making any compromise with your reasonable wishes. Make sure you are able to justify the worth of having that person beside you.
Do not confuse friendship with love  infact look for a perfect blend of the same. Remember if you cannot share everything with your partner then you need to rethink about this. Sharing your honest thoughts and taking the honest reviews from your partner is an integral and inevitable part of starting a life with someone which boosts trust and confidence in a relationship. So in order to be true to yourself you ought to be true with the one you have decided to spend the rest of your life.
Definitely this is among one of the major and challenging tasks but if you succeed in choosing the right partner then I am sure other tasks of your life will definitely become easier.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Hey Coffee!!

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You are someone so hard to resist. My mind blows off when you come in front of me and ask me in your hottest attire to hold you. You can’t even imagine what you do to me when I hold you.  Your hot body takes me to a different place where you and I are at their bests with each other. I don’t know whether you remember this or not but my heart knows how much I have loved you from the day we have met.  And why not? You have always been there with me whenever I needed a strong partner to help me get through the situations. You helped a girl like me who can’t compromise with her sleeps to wake throughout the night and prepare for tough times.  You still hold me whenever I start feeling sleepy in office at workplace.
Hey little girl, you have always been so dear to me and I know that you will stay there with me till my survival on this earth. I can find you everywhere and that’s why you are my angel. I can rely on you to not let me forget my lesson. You are the last one to stay awake with me till the last page of my last lesson.  Even during my weekends you feel responsible enough to stay awake with me when I hold you just for the sake of holding my first love, my crazy fantasizing books.  You let me enter my amusing world and don’t even complain for not taking you along.  Your selfless care makes me fall for you again and again.  Yes I’m a careless lover who just gives you a heated environment or grinds you with ice cubes according to my taste.  I’ve never even bothered to ask about your mood to be heated or get along with ice cubes.  Yes I’m a bad lover but that’s what I’ve learnt from you that you stay with your lover at their worst.
You tolerate me at my worsted conditions and still manage to soothe me with your taste of love.  How can a lover be so uncomplaining like you? How can someone stay so strong like you do?  This power of yours gives me strength to stay stronger during my bad days.  You know what I’ve never told you about this but I love the way you sit in front of me at night and keep me awake throughout the night.  You have accepted my dreams and always help me to achieve my targets.  My little angel thanks for giving me a hand during my loneliest nights.  Stay there like this till the end.

Stay Strong!! Stay Hot in winters and cool in summers my dear Coffee:)

Dear FAITH, Please Forgive Me but I still have you in me

I expected you from the most unfaithful people. I saw you in them and wanted them to feel you from inside and return the same to the world. When I was a child I wanted you from that little doll with whom I used to talk all day and night. She was my best friend who used to listen to me without even blinking her eyes while listening. But I failed to tell her that I trust her and expect you from her. She accepted herself to be gifted to my cousin. Did my cousin love her more? No matter what the reason was but she never understood your importance and she left. Dear Faith, I am Sorry that I could not teach her well before she left me.
But I did not lose hope or expecting you from people. Although that doll had my darkest secrets, I knew she would never tell that to anyone but that girl in my 2ndgrade did while I was cheating in class test. I am again sorry for again expecting you without learning the simple lesson of taking some time before trusting someone. I was so dumb to not even understand that you do not stay with everybody. You choose your people prudently and hence you are found in few of them.
Your cousins, hope and trust always encouraged me to never look back but no one taught me to learn from my mistakes. I again expected you from that girl in 8th grade who started with her career as a reporter while reporting about my crush in the whole classroom and eventually to him. But I am thankful to her that atleast my crush confronted me to never look back.
You again came in my life with that guy during my undergrads who remained there until I finally realized that sometimes it better to set the rope free rather than holding it tight and getting hurt. Unfortunately it took me four long years and I kept expecting you from him till then. I am sorry Faith, I again made a wrong decision. Right ones were those idiots who still hold me even after knowing that how amateur I am till date while expecting you from the wrong people of my life.
I found you in that significant other who promised to stay throughout the lifetime and never let me fall from heights. The real test of expecting you from him was when my hands were set free from the tallest cliff and I still survived because I had you holding me.
I still have you inside me and try to find you in the world. You know what, although scarcely but I can still find you. Please forgive me for loving you so much that I can find you everywhere. I can see you in an idol. I can feel you in blowing wind and flowing water. I can find you in someone who does not even want to recognize me now for your sake. I know I blindly saw you in the world but you be cautious enough to choose the right people and hold them forever.
Your true believer!!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

To my Loyal Scooter

You are the first thing I met when I started my training life. You came to me as a surprise and have been there with me till now in your most modernized forms. At times you gave me pleasurable rides and now you have grown up to be a big planet and drive me crazy with your extra care which you show towards me. Yes you drive me!! You help me to maintain a balance when I face ups and downs in my path. When your tummy is full you make sure you do not bother me much by standing in a long queue on every other day and relieve me, ofcourse not like a camel but you make sure that I do not care about your hunger atleast for a week.
I remember the first day when I touched you and you submitted yourself to me. I still read that tiny piece of paper which says that you belong to me. I can rely on you because I know I am never going to be an option for you and you will stay there with me until your last breath. Oh Darling!! How emotionless, how careless and how selfish I have been with you during all these years when you gave me strength to fly. My love, I realize, how rude I have been with you when I used to leave you alone in the midst of those unknown people who claims to be your well-wishers and your hygiene experts. I wonder why haven’t I ever bothered to watch them wash you in front of me so that I could know if you enjoy your cleaning time or suffer when they dismantle you ruthlessly.
But today you must know this and that’s why I am writing this to you my partner. You are my first love and will always be. You have taken care of me like a father who holds his child during all the ups and downs. You have been a loyal and humble friend who stayed there with me no matter how badly I fell and eventually ended up hurting you. Yes I also got hurt mostly but you have always managed to protect me from bigger damages. You have always given me your patient ears and listened to my weirdest and craziest thoughts without even complaining for a single day. You are my partner in crime and you are my partner in all my grief. You are the one thing I need when I am sad because I know you will take me to a different world and pamper me while taking the help of your mind-blowing friend and caress my hairs while listening to me. You are the one who has tolerated my offbeat songs and un-pleasurable voice. I wonder how have you managed to listen to the same songs over and over again because they were my favourite. You are such a sweetheart my love. You are the perfect example of a perfect partner and a best-friend. For me you hold the first position in my heart. You are so down to earth and I am the one who tries to flaunt over your sparkling curvy body on your behalf.
I promise you that I will always stay by your side no matter what. I will never allow anyone else to hurt you. I promise you will never have to bear any heavy object because of my other relations. I promise I will take care of hurdles while taking you out with me. I promise to be a more caring friend. I promise to pamper you the way you do. May be I as a human being fail to match up with the selfless love, care and loyalty you have given me during these years but I promise to learn from your nature of not treating your loved ones as an option and being with the one I love until my last breadth. We as humans might be emotionless enough to sell you but still your giving nature will continue to exist with your  new partner. But my love, over these years of our lovely journey I have tuned to be  possessive partner and I will never allow you to be anyone else’s.  Stay there with me my love!! My Scooter!!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Nature helps you to wrap the memories

IMG_20151125_123639The working week days often compel me to take a break and go to some nearby place to enjoy the whole day while doing nothing. Infact an empty room with some books and good music also does the same job. But this time I chose a place where nobody thinks of going without a lover or friends. It’s a lover’s point for some while a bunker’s junction for others and moreover a pre-wedding photo shoot destination for most of the couples. Well I liked the idea of pre-wedding photo shoot and the couples were seen to be really happy and in love while doing so. Hopeful couples!!
For the first time I went to Hauz Khas Village to spend the day with myself. In this world of Google, what I only knew about the place was the costly eating and shopping destination and I literally did not bother myself to surf the internet and read the reviews of this place because I wanted this to be a surprise destination for me. After reaching the place choosing the first option was much fairer than the latter one. An exemplar of the same was a piece of cloth costing 9K the perfect substitute of which could be bought from the local markets at a marginal rate. So I chose not to think about shopping. I moved forward without having a hint that a beautiful place was about to come which is actually going to make my day and the decision worth taking. The old fort was worth watching but I got stuck at a point and that was the beautiful lake. I decided to sit beside the lake and feel the mesmerizing flow of water. Suddenly the chirping of birds and the awesome weather overshadowed the thoughts which were running in my mind and helped me to calm down as if everything around me was telling me not to feel anything else but the nature and learn from that.
Yes you feel nothing but a deep silence.  There is an emptiness which needs to be filled and hence you start dwelling into the old feelings. Your heart wants to recall the beautiful memories in this silence but things do not remain the same now. Although you miss the moments but you can’t feel the emotions.  That’s the power of time which truly waits for none.  Hence, you move on.  You move on alone and feel happy to have a life like this.  A life, where you enjoy the beauty of nature without a companion. You become your own partner and enjoy being the one. You enter into a life where you try hard to know yourself and stay aloof of the world’s trivialities.  You can feel what those birds must be feeling at that time.  You can feel the flow of water which itself is the symbol of moving on constantly despite of fears and hurdles.  You are happy in your own ways. You can feel the music which is playing in your mind and the air which blows slowly and steadily, touching your face and making you feel the presence of someone.  Someone very close and dear who can be felt but not touched, just like wind!!  You can feel the fragrance of that special one near you but still you can’t touch the body.  The soul is inside you but you feel chocked because you know that this silence is not for you.  You chose this silence deliberately for yourself because you know the world will shout on you.  You know that any sound would eventually haunt you and hence peace is the only music you fall in love with.
That’s how you learn to move forward and wrap the memories. You can clearly see that empty box which constantly calls you to fill the memories and souvenir inside that and close it forever. You start from the day when it actually started and end up with the last day when you start remembering the first day. Eventually you want to run from the past and that’s how you end up living in the present. Future would also haunt you because now you are afraid of dreaming. Thus you embrace your present as it comes to you. Now you are less afraid of the worst to happen and that’s what makes you braver. Noting stops you from taking unwanted risks because you have already lost the best. You are on your own now and the word “dependent” has vanished from your dictionary. You stand up. Stronger and smarter enough to see the unreal faces but ofcourse brave enough to give enough chances to life. That’s how you start living again with a broader smile on your face.
That’s the beauty of nature which is in literal sense is the synonym of moving on and I learnt the same after spending some hours near the lake.

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Drama of Discrimination – You Win some, You Lose Some

I am someone who loves to see the headlines and to choose a couple of articles to read everyday. Yesterday morning was one those mornings which made me think about this societal fanciful drama that so many of us are living through, day-in and day-out. Although it was a funny incident but that forced me to think about the discriminatory drama being played by all of us at some part of our lives or other. Moreover this drama is affecting the lives of most of the women but still we are happy to enjoy the other side of the discrimination where we take the advantage of being a woman.
Last week while driving towards my office in the morning, the moment when I was about to take a left turn a policeman stopped me. The reason being I overlooked the barricade on the road and hence I made an attempt to cross the no entry zone unintentionally. But I was not the first one who did that. Moreover that was the first time when Gurgaon police made those barricade on that road, so it was quiet unexpected for all the travelers and hence people like me were making the same mistake one after other. Fortunately when the policeman stopped me there was no other rider behind me hence I (“Yes I admit this openly”) took the advantage of the other side of this discriminatory drama where a lady is treated leniently after an offence. Well that was not actually an offence but yes I was supposed to go straight and waste another one hour in traffic again to reach to my office. Doing that would have been just a mere wastage of destroying my one whole hour so I tried to convince the policeman standing over there. I started with my conversation with him very politely knowing that not doing that would just be like wasting my precious time.
“Sir, I did not know that you have made this stoppage and that was just unintentional sir, please let me go. Starting tomorrow, I will take care of this without fail.”
Eventually, my pleading won, by sheer volume of repetition.
My politeness was at its height and I could never imagine myself talking so softly with any unknown person in my day to day life. But yes I had to make the loss good and hence I tried my level best to convince him. Finally after requesting for another ten minutes he allowed me to enter into that barricade and take my usual route. I could have forgotten the whole incidence like any other normal incidences which often takes place in our day to day lives but that was followed by another incidence when the male rider behind me who also made the same mistake was not allowed to enter the same route from which I was supposed to go. Technically it was a no-entry point on that day. On the head of that where that policeman was talking so politely with me, he answered vey uncivilly even after a polite request made by him. He was also on his way to his office and he must also be getting late but now as per the instructions of that policeman he had to face the same traffic jam from which he just came out again. Fortunately the same happened in front of me so I again tried to convince the policeman, politely, to let him go to which policemen showed his unwillingness. I was literally shocked with his answer because he was getting so biased and that too in the favor of a lady and not for a man!! Well that was unsurprising for me because such cases could be seen in day to day life.
That day where at one point I was trying to forge the whole incidence, on the other side this incidence forced me to think about the discrimination being made in the society in one way or other. Sometimes it’s in our favor and sometimes it’s against us.  Well I am not at all able to understand not I consider myself eligible enough to understand the plot on the basis of which this discrimination is made. Hence I decided to keep the whole dilemma in my mind without discussing it with anyone else.
But yesterday while surfing on internet my eyes caught a very interesting story about how the women traffic police officers are treated on roads. The whole story coverage was just boggling. The mass takes female traffic police officers so lightly and tend to make more offences in their presence than men TPOs. I believe they also get the training of handling the traffic in the same way the male TPOs get but then they have to face and listen to comments like“You don’t know anything” , “You don’t make a difference to us” etc. etc. I am actually unsure whether I should literally laugh on this discriminatory drama prevailing in the society going on in the heads of people or I should talk to people about this. I personally believe I am immature to understand the psyche of the society at large but am I the odd one out to think like that?
A country where you will get to read magazines like Femina , Naree, Grahlakshmi, New Woman, Verve , We Women Today and so on and where you see newspapers embellishing the power of women by describing how a woman traffic police officer got selected for the position or about the first lady pilot or metro driver and many other such proud moments to add on to the history of empowered woman, on the other part of the picture, the same society which talks about such empowerment becomes sarcastic when it comes to delivering the duties. It is not about just feeling proud on the hard-work of that particular lady on attaining success but to be with her and support her in her journey. And I am not talking about only our country; I believe the discrimination persists in the whole world. We generally boast about women at top positions and how they made to that level. Can we just go deep inside the numbers as what percentage of top positions they hold if actually compared with the population of the world? According to Catalyst, the percentage of women at top positions in Fortune 500 companies has been stagnant over the past five years and that’s just 14% on an average. Should we actually feel proud on this percentage? Fourteen Percent? The ratio is even lower in countries like India. According to a study the women holds only 5-7% of the topmost positions in India. The same website shows that women in India are just 3% of the legislative, management and senior official positions. According to Gender Diversity Benchmark, 2011, India has the lowest national female labour force and the worst leaking pipeline for junior to middle level position women. Furthermore the sex ratio is almost equal in terms of population.  Well, again this topic can take whole of my life to understand the reason and the basis on which such discrimination which is done.
I believe this is not just discrimination, infact perceiving this as just discrimination would be a little less for me. This is a societal fanciful drama as I said earlier. A drama which is created by the society whenever there is a need to make us believe that a particular thing is right at a particular point of time. Examples are many and we can see the same at every point of time even in our day to day life. Apart from just focusing on the position of women at corporate or taking about women empowerment which is also a crucial issue I want to focus on an ordinary girl her daily struggles with her daily thoughts and the world ofcourse where people are ready to make jokes out of a girl’s way of thinking. On daily basis we receive atleast three or four jokes related to how a girl reacts when she is with her boyfriend or those husbands –wives jokes which have actually started haunting my personal thoughts whenever I seriously think about such jokes. Is this really true that after marriage or while being in a relationship a girl becomes so over possessive, so domination or so meaningless or the world has stopped portraying an intelligent woman in books or on social media. On the contrary we also receive messages which talks about how you should respect a woman, but on the other hand we laugh on such silly jokes where wives and girlfriends are portrayed as someone very dumb to even understand their partners. How pitiful is this that where we are asking people to respect a girl, we only make jokes related to their behavioral aspects. And as a matter of fact still a girl is told that she is loved for the way she is. Don’t you think this is something very annoying? Or should I say funny?
Moreover if I talk about the corporate world I have seen people talking about why a woman should not be hired for a particular role and especially for an important role at the managerial level because she might be having behavioral changes or timing issues. Ofcourse we can see top positions being taken by women but still this mentality still prevails in the market. I was talking to one of my friend few days back who is working with one of the topmost groups in India. On asking why his company is so reluctant towards hiring a woman employee, he had the same answer. The management does not find a girl suitable to work for such a niche position and hence they hunt for a male candidate. And believe me this is not the only case. Corporate find it really difficult to accept a woman for a position which demands time, sincerity and dedication.
I remember a similar incidence which took place on this Monday when one of my colleagues was discussing in the group how women are less passionate at workplace as compared to their male counterparts. He was telling to his colleagues that women find it difficult to work for the whole day and hence they find reasons to sneak from workplace because they are not career oriented. Well I decided to move out of the conversation because I feel there is a big heard of people who have such perception about women and nothing can be done about that. Moreover I am trying to find the source from where they perceive such thoughts. What makes them believe in the theory that women are not passionate about their career and men are? On being asked the number of great examples of women who were passionate about their dreams and achieved that Google can give you enough examples to make you believe in the fact that this is not true.
Well, this discussion is endless and perceptions may differ from person to person. I just made an attempt to brainstorm and analyze how the society molds this discriminatory drama in their favor according to their interests. I am not a hardcore feminist nor do I try to indulge myself in proving what are the pros and cons of being a woman but amidst these fights I am unsure that we are get benefited in any of the manner. Adding to the situation, I am worried about the disoriented approach of the society towards a woman’s status.
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